I am delighted to introduce and welcome you to the International Society for Contact Lens Research. Our Society was formed in 1978 and held it’s first meeting in London in 1980. We are a group comprised of global experts from all aspect of contact lens research. We meet formally at our biennial scientific symposia, and our meetings bring together our global membership, industry partners, expert keynote speakers from related and emerging fields plus the best and brightest PhD students in our field to discuss recent developments, address our key challenges and identify future research needs to advance the field and the industry. We are a unique group as our membership comprises University, industry-based and independent researchers working across a wide range of basic and clinical areas, plus leading contact lens clinicians. We recognize the important contribution of our Corporate Advisory Board, comprised of representatives of the world’s leading contact lens companies.

Our scientific symposium is a closed meeting and these meetings are held every two years. Our meetings rotate around the world to provide stimulating environments for detailed discussions on the key challenges in our field. Our twenty-first symposium takes place in Porto, Portugal from August 21st to August 26th 2022.

On behalf of myself and the Executive Committee, thank you for your interest in the International Society for Contact Lens Research.

Fiona Stapleton PhD

President, International Society for Contact Lens Research

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