Ruben Medalists

The Ruben Medal is the highest honor of the Society, and is awarded by vote of the previous recipients to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of contact lens-related research.

The President shall confidentially and in a timely fashion, nominate the previous recipient to serve as Chairperson to canvas the votes of the previous awardees; and the result will be announced at the President’s Gala Dinner during the biennial scientific meeting.

List of awardees:

2022 Mark Willcox

2019 Clayton Radke

2017 Nathan Efron

2015 Deborah Sweeney

2013 Suzanne Fleiszig

2011 Desmond Fonn

2009 Graeme Wilson

2007 Brian Tighe

2005 Dwight Cavanagh

2003 Stephen Klyce

2001 Ken Polse

1999 Richard Hill

1997 Miguel Refojo

1995 Donald Korb

1993 Hikaru Hamano

1990 Otto Wichterle

1988 Irving Fatt

1986 Brien Holden

1984 Montague Ruben