The Members

Who are the members?

Members of the ISCLR are individuals who have a significant interest in the
fields of contact lens research and related sciences such as microbiology,
physiology, biochemistry, engineering, materials science, and polymer and
surface chemistry.

Honorary Life Members

Perry Binder, Bill Bourne, Dwight Cavanagh, Desmond Fonn, Michael Harris, Richard Hill, Don Korb, Michael Lemp, Gerry Lowther, Ray Myers, Ken Polse, Montague Ruben (Founding President), Oliver Schein, Deborah Sweeney, Graeme Wilson

Emeritus Members

Leo Carney, Peter Fanti, Antonio Henriquez, Charles McMonnies, Carol Morris, Richard Pearson, Buddy Ratner, Earl Smith, Alan Tomlinson, Barry Zwang-Weissman

Becoming a member

The number of members that the ISCLR can have is limited and membership is
by invitation only. Any existing member of the ISCLR can propose a new member
as long as that person is:

a) an individual of high standing who has published at least five papers
on contact lenses or related topics as first, second or senior author in
peer reviewed scientific journals; and

b) an individual whom the Board of Directors considers capable of making
a useful contribution to the ISCLR. Membership applications are submitted
to and approved by the Council. For further information, see the ISCLR’s by-laws.