The Society

The International Society for Contact Lens Research (ISCLR) is a group committed to international communication in the field of contact lens research and related sciences.

The ISCLR was established in 1978 by a group of world leading researchers, including Montague Ruben from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, who became Founding President. Through Montague Ruben’s involvement, Otto Wichterle from Czech Republic and the father of soft contact lenses, became Patron of the organisation.

The ISCLR recognised that keeping in touch with the latest investigations around the world is essential to the progress of research and product development. While publication or release of information into the public domain often prevents the communication of valuable early stage research results, the closed structure of ISCLR and it’s meeting allows researchers and industry to benefit from international research efforts, and to maintain their links with the forefront of research knowledge.

ISCLR has become a crucial way in which researchers and industry in the field of contact lenses may be brought rapidly up-to-date with important developments and directions.

The ISCLR membership meets every two years at a Symposium or Scientific Meeting.

Executive Committee

The ISCLR is governed by the Executive Committee consisting of the Society President (Nathan Efron), the President-Elect (Darlene Dartt), immediate Past President (Fiona Stapleton), Vice-Presidents (Carol Lakkis, Lyndon Jones, Loretta Szczotka-Flynn, Craig Woods), the Secretary (Kathy Dumbleton), and Past Presidents (ex-officio). The Members of the Executive Committee are also known as the Officers of the Corporation.


The ISCLR is constituted with a 36 member Council, also known as the Board of Directors, which includes the Executive Committee (8) and elected members (28):

Ray Applegate, Arthur Back, David Berntsen, Noel Brennan, Barbara Caffery, Nicole Carnt, Robin Chalmers, Jennifer Craig, Laura Downie, David Evans, Arthur Ho, Alex Hui, Motozumi Itoi, Nancy Keir, Pete Kollbaum, Percy Lazon, Carole Maldonaldo-Codina, Maria Markoulli, Shehzad Naroo, Padmaja Sankaridurg, Eric Papas, Danielle Robertson, Jac Santodomingo, Tannin Schmidt, Steve Newman, Helen Swarbrick, James Wolffsohn, Graeme Young.

Past Presidents

The President of the society holds office for a two year period. The President elect taking up the position at the end of the Scientific meeting. Past Presidents become ex-officio members of the societies executive.

Ruben Medalists

The Ruben Medal is the highest honor of the Society, and is awarded by vote of the previous recipients to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of contact lens-related research.

The Brien Holden Lecture

The Brien Holden Lecture was inaugurated at the scientific meeting in 2017.

The Hikaru Hamano Travel Fellowship

The Hikaru Hamano Travel Fellowship was established in 2015, to acknowledge the contribution Hikaru Hamano had made both to the society and the science of contact lenses.


The Society has been honored to have Otto Wichterle as it’s the Patron. Otto Wichterle was one of the founders of the modern contact lens industry.