The Symposium

What are the Symposia?

Members of the ISCLR meet every two years to exchange scientific information and keep abreast of new developments and directions in the field of contact lenses and related sciences. The Symposium is also known as the Scientific Meeting, the last meeting the 2015 Eighteenth ISCLR Symposium was held in August 2015 and the next meeting the 2017 Eighteenth ISCLR Symposium will be held most likely in North American, details yet to be finalised.

Attendance at the Symposia is limited to ISCLR members; prospective members; invited graduate students, post doctoral students and clinical residents from a recognized institution; invited panelists or speakers; and sponsoring industry partners.

All material presented at the meeting is confidential and cannot be published outside the meeting unless the consent of the presenter has been obtained.

Industry sponsorship and attendance at Symposia

The ISCLR receives financial support for Symposia principally from industry and from its members in the form of annual subscriptions. Industry representatives recognize the importance of ISCLR as a forum for exploring opportunities for collaboration and involvement with researchers, and for learning of new and current developments in contact lens research.

Companies that have supported the ISCLR in the past and continue to do so are Alcon, Allergan, Abbott Medical Optics, Bausch + Lomb, CIBA Vision, CooperVision, Clearlab, DSM, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Menicon, Paragon and Seed Contact Lenses Ltd.

The ISCLR is keen to increase the number of companies involved, and would welcome details of industry contacts from members and industry representatives.

Student attendance at Symposia

The ISCLR provides for the attendance of graduate students, post doctoral students and clinical residents at its Symposia through a competitive grants system, and this will be on offer again in 2015.

Either follow the links from 2015 Eighteenth ISCLR Symposium or click on Student Attendance and Grants for more information.